'Tis I!

This is the home page of me — John Darrington. It doesn't get updated very often; only when I have the time. It's not supposed to be a very fancy site. It is however supposed to be readable and technically correct. If you find that it isn't, then please let me know.

This is my personal home page. I maintain another site for information about my research.

To find out a bit more about myself, select a link from the list below.

No Clean Feed – Stop Internet Censorship in Australia. Not f'd – you won't find me on Facebook.

You can contact me at <john (at) darrington dot wattle dot id dot au>. For your privacy and mine, I encourage everyone to encrypt their emails using PGP.

My public key fingerprint is

8797 A26D 0854 2EAB 0285 A290 8A67 719C 2DE8 27B3

The key itself can be found here or on any public key server.

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