Here is a short list of some of the software I have written. There's been a lot more than this of course, but much of it was of such poor quality that it really didn't justify the waste of disk space. All software listed here is freely distributable. The rest is owned by my various current and former employers.

Software I have Written

Software to which I have Contributed

Work in Progress

I'm currently working on a C++ Neural Network library, which will hopefully be useful to people writing applications needing a Neural Net. It features multi-layer perceptrons, Boltzmann machines, Kohonen nets and Hopfield nets. Currently, I'm thinking about the best way to optimise it for parallel architectures. Have a look at the web site here.

Unmaintained Software

These items I haven't looked at for some time, and don't intend to unless someone gives me the incentive.

and here is a project which I might or might not get done one day.

Third Party Software

Lots of other great software can be found by searching in the Free Software directory: Visit the Free Software Directory

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